Vision, Mission & Goal


ARBAN envisions a just society based on social justice, human dignity, equity, equality, democratic and secular values free from exploitation, poverty, disparities, misrule, corruption and gender inequalities leading to freedom and emancipation of disadvantaged powerless people irrespective of caste, creed and religious beliefs.



ARBAN is committed to work with the disadvantaged and powerless people for their socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment by promoting and practicing democratic values and participatory decision-making process at all levels leading to the realization of basic needs and environmentally sustainable development, establishment of fundamental human rights, equity and equality of women and men in the society.



ARBAN will dedicate its resources for the empowerment of the disadvantaged women and men by raising their critical consciousness, releasing their creative potentials and building people’s organization to improve their socio -economic status enabling establishment of genuine democracy and good governance.



♕ Service to suffering humanity.

♕ Splendid behavior, patience, tolerance, cooperation, sympathy & benevolence.

♕Gender equity and empowerment of women.

♕ Practice of participatory decision-making process & democracy at all levels.

♕ Work with the poor and powerless people irrespective of religion, caste & creed.

♕ Willingness to learn & learning from errors/mistakes/experiences.

♕ Accountability and transparency at all levels.

♕ Respects, regards and love for women, children, senior citizens, handicaps, poor & powerless people.

♕ Respects, regards and love for all religion.

♕ Belief in deeds not in words.

♕ Promotion of secularism, democracy & spirit of the war of liberation.

♕ Promotion and practice of progressive, secular & liberating cultural activities.

♕ Protection of bio-diversity, environment and ecology.

♕ Protection of air, soil, water, forests, hills and mountains from pollution, degradation & depletion.

♕ Campaign against culture of consumerism, market economy, globalization & liberalization.

♕ Protection & promotion of interests of women, laborers, workers & the common people against market economy, globalization & liberalization.

♕ Promotion, protection and enforcement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UDHR, rights of women & children including the rights of the indigenous people.

♕ Promotion, protection & preservation of the rights of the indigenous & hill people including the rights of the minority.

♕ Demonstration of commitment, responsibility, honesty, integrity and sincerity of staff members at all levels of the organization.

♕ Employment, transfers, promotions salaries & benefits of staff members on the basis of merit, experience, competence, honesty, integrity & commitment.

♕ Upholding the interest of the poor & powerless people and organization above personal interest.